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This fixture list has been compiled as carefully as possible, However, dates and formulas may have to be changed without prior notice. You should note that any date or formula may be changed at the absolute discretion of the Promoter, any such changes will be notified here

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Fixture List [for DRIFTING EVENTS please click here]


2014 FIXTURE LIST [weekender dates are in bold]

Sunday 3rd August – 1pm

Rebels – 1600 Open Rods GRQR – Junior Bangers (Collection in Aid of DLRAA – Derbyshire Leicestershire Rutland Air Ambulance)

This meeting has been put together between Buxton Raceway, Graham Heywood and Nik Sweet and we would like to thank them for all the hard work they have put in to provide a booking list that will be the biggest Banger meeting at Buxton in 2014.

This meeting will be run to the 2014 National Banger rules and scrutineering of this will be strict to provide an equal meeting for ALL drivers. (Save time and please do not turn up with excess welding as you will be told to cut it out)

This meeting will also be the David ‘Max’ Macbean Memorial. Max worked at the Raceway for many years keeping the stadium in the excellent condition a task which we are now maintaining, he was greatly respected by drivers and staff at the Raceway and it’s a pleasure to have such a big meeting in his memory.

This meeting will also be a fund raiser for the Derbyshire Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance in conjunction with Peter Corbett who has made it his aim in life to raise much needed funds for an essential service. He is very supportive of this service as it saved his life following a fluke accident at Buxton on 4th May 2009 which ended his very successful racing career.

Buxton Raceway has pledged 10 per driver that books in and races at this meeting to the DLRAA.

There will also be extra awards on the day for; best turned out car, oldest car, hardest trier on the day, entertainer in all races alongside others and 1st 2nd 3rd in all races.

The booking list for this meeting is below and we are very pleased with the numbers already booked in, there are also a team of the Blooz Boys attending this meeting. With some great names from the past and present this meeting is set to be a cracker.

All drivers will be booked in on same list and when driver numbers are known they will be split to make 2 classes, a group of old boys and a group young guns who will have split Heats and Final but an all in Destruction Derby. The split will be done between Matt Watson, Graham and Nik and will take note of any young guns whose racing style is that of the old boys and wishes to race with them and vice versa.

List to date, will be updated nearer the event

Adi Mac
Andy Finnimore
Brett Fiddler
2 Sam Daley
6 Lee Fearnley
7 Keith greenwood
7 Mark Lester
9 Chris Cooley
11 Tim Moore
16 Gary Charlesworth
17 Rick Cooley
17 Nik Sweet
18 Ian Webb
22 Elliott Dowds
33 Jason Dunn
34 Mark Earnshaw
34 Warren Burnham
37 Phil Woskett
39 Smosha
40 Ian Kitching
42 Greg Brunt
44 Dave Burrows
44 Simon Cox
46 Scot Starkey
49 Loz Dowds
52 Baden Powell
54 Richard Haywood
61 Zac Shaggy Hughes
69 Gary Hill
75 Jim Obrian
76 Reject Ryan Scott
77 Tom Hertzog
78 Ollie Hertzog
82 Barry Watson
88 Adam Connelly
91 Byron Ackroyd
97 Tony Firth
99 James Sellors
102 Lanky Tim Rodgers
117 Jake Crowley
122 Steve Turk Durkin
123 Paul Manning
124 Ian Sharrett
124 Phil Manning
127 Mark Challis
133 Ian Parkes
134 Gav Smith
136 Ben Gaitskell
151 Dan Smith
152 Graham Black
159 Callum campbell
161 Pete West
167 Paul Motherwell
169 James Rushton
171 Tommy West
177 Mark Haywood
179 Shaun Rushton
181 Paul Beale
181 Jason Pole
193 Graham Black
196 Ben Harrison
199 Danny Owen
200 Steve Noon Farrell
202 David Chapman
203 Russ Mcbain
216 Barry Mccardle
220 The Govner
222 Aidan Turk Jnr Durkin
222 Matt Logan
223 Brett Harrison
224 Graham gamble
229 Kenny Welsby
236 Andy Robinson
237 Nigel Hopkins
238 Neil Evo Everill
241 Andrew Carter Waller
243 Scott Jones
247 Jason Crosbie
252 John Wibberley
261 Dave Gawn
262 Buster
270 James GT Watson
275 Joe Morgan
282 Anthony Riley
295 Graham Heywood
325 Keith Fatboy McMahon
341 Lee Turner
353 Dan Buckley
374 Fred Smith
374 Chris Collings
390 Steve Unsworth
391 Chris Unsworth
434 Scott Clough
461 Nathan Knowles
580 peter bland
587 Eric bland
588 Anthony bland
606 Nigel Denby
616 Flippit
617 Danny Everett
666 Dan Lucas
675 Darren Jackson
687 Mark Cross
724 Mark Puddiphatt
769 Ian Markland
777 Mike Wright
800 Tom Hannah
807 Chris Murfin
811 James Benn
862 Dave Kingston
919 Liam Cooley
969 Jamie Pickup
999 Paul Stormin Norman


Sunday 10th August – 1pm
UK Modifieds – Hot Fords Gold Roof Championship – Super Bangers Silverdale Buxton – Hot Rods [plus Darren “Chick” Walmsley Memorial Trophy] – Bombers Neil Allsop 801 Memorial / Gold Roof QRd 1 – Lady Bombers Northern Championship

Sunday 24th August – 1.00pm
Domino Stunt - BriSCA F2 Stock Cars – 1300 Saloon Stock Cars [plus Saloons Euro Championship Qualifiers] – GT Rods – 2 Litre Bangers (Buxton vs Incarace 20 on 20) – 1600 Open Rods Gold Roof Championship – Super Bangers – Junior Rods Gold Roof QR2–– Julian Hallam Memorial (NB & SB)

Monday 25th August – 1pm
BriSCA F2 Stock cars 1300 Saloon Stock Cars  [plus Saloons Euro Championship]– GT Rods –
Bombers Gold Roof QR2 – Junior Bangers – J DAVIDSON SCRAP METAL PROCESSORS NORTHERN AND MIDLAND CAR AND CARAVAN JUMP (collection in Aid of FORDS – Fund for Oval Racing Drivers and Staff)

Sunday 31st August – 1pm
1300 Saloon Stock Cars – National MiniStox

Sunday 7th September – 1pm
Hot Fords – 1600 Open Rods – Super Bangers NQR1 – Hot Rods Howard Jones Memorial – Lady Bombers – Junior Rods Gold Roof Championship Final

Sunday 28th September – 1pm
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars – 1300 Saloon Stock Cars – V8 Hot Stox WCQR – 2 Litre Bangers Gold Cup – Junior Bangers

Sunday 12th October – 12 Noon
BRISCA F2 STOCK CARS WHITES AND YELLOWS CHAMPIONSHIP [plus Stuart Swales White Top Achievement Award]
Bombers Peggy Marson Memorial – 1600 Open Rods BQR 1– Super Bangers NQR2 – Junior Rods – Lady Bombers BQR 1

Saturday 18th October – 12 Noon
StoxKarts - Mascars

Sunday 19th October – 12 Noon
1300 Saloon Stock Cars Whites and Yellows Championship – StoxKarts – Modstox – 2 Litre Bangers George Mycock Memorial– Hot Fords BQR 1– Junior Bangers - Hot Rods [plus Linda Carter Memorial Trophy] - Super Rods [English Championship]

Sunday 2nd November – 12 Noon
500 Micro Bangers Madness
Super Bangers George Mycock Memorial – Junior Rods Peaks Championship – 1600 Open Rods – Hot Fords BQR2

Sunday 9th November – 12 Noon
Bombers – 1300 Saloon Stock Cars – 1600 Open Rods British Championship Final – Lady Bombers British Championship Final – Hot Rods [plus Champion of Champions]

Sunday 23rd November – 12 Noon
UK Modifieds - Hot Fords British Championship Final – Super Bangers National Championship Final – Junior Bangers


N&M – Northern and Midland Championship

QR – World Championship Qualifying Round

BQR – British Championship Qualifying Round

NQR – National Championship Qualifying Round

GRQR – Gold Roof Qualifying Round

DD – Destruction Derby

This fixture list has been compiled as carefully as possible, However, dates and formulas sometimes may have to be changed without prior notice. You should note that any date or formula may be changed at the absolute discretion of the Promoter, any such changes will be notified here