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[20/2/20] ORCi Alcohol and Substance misuse Policy

Please click here to view the document, random drug and alcohol testing will take place at events at all tracks in 2020, these tests will apply to drivers and staff.


[20/2/20] ORCi 2020 Safety Equipment Regulations

Please click here to view the latest safety equipment regulations that you need for racing at ORCi tracks.  Items specified in this document overwrite any other documents.


[30/1/20] Fords Care Fundraising days

Fund raising dates for FORDS at Buxton Raceway in 2020 are now confirmed:::Open Rod and Hot Ford Ladies race will be on 18th October and the following Sunday, 25th October, will see the second staging of the Junior Micra Rod Parents. Race. We shall be raising sponsorship forms over the course of the next few weeks. Email me if you have any questions or to register your interest.

Update: Dave and Mandy Trevor have once again kindly agreed to sponsor trophies for these events. Each driver will receive a commemorative award, there will be a trophy for the one collecting most sponsorship, plus three for the first three across the line. FORDS is still on the lookout for a couple of race sponsors - hopefully someone out there will be able to help us out?

Dave Pierce




[17/1/20] ORCi Rules of Racing Update

The Oval Racing Council would like to announce the following amendments to the “Rules of Racing” with regard to the lining up of cars for restarts, and the reinstatement of cars. These amendments are effective immediately, and apply to all formulas.

Restart Order
Cars will be lined up, in preparation for the restart, in the on-track order prevailing prior to the race suspension (yellow flags) or race stoppage (red flags). Any lapped cars in-between those occupying the top six positional places in the race will be sent around the track, in the direction of racing, to the rear of the grid, and will be credited with regaining one lap back in the race. This means that when the race is restarted at least the top six cars will be in positional order on the track without any back-markers in between.

A driver must NOT un-lap themselves unless instructed to by an official. Any driver un-lapping themselves without permission will be liable to exclusion from the restart.

Incorrect Exclusion
The Steward of the Meeting is empowered to re-instate any driver being, in their opinion, incorrectly taken out of the race during a suspension or stoppage.

In the last 14 days the ORCi has learnt that the stadium owners made a decision to accept an offer
from a different prospective promotional team to take over operations at Swaffham Raceway from the
1st February.
As all who know Pete Gould would understand, he has become extremely well respected and worked
tirelessly for a number of years trying to re-establish the raceway with considerable success and at
considerable personal cost.
In late 2018 / early 2019 the ORCi accepted Swaffham and, with further investment in his operation
from Pete, joined the ORCi.
This potentially opened up the venue to more mainstream formulae and exciting plans for 2020 were
at an advanced stage.
Sadly, in just recent weeks, despite offers of support and meetings involving other ORCi promoters
supporting Peter, the owners took a decision to change.
Whilst the ORCi have not been in direct contact with the new promotion, neither have they been in
contact with us however they have made it clear in their announcement they wish to operate
This was discussed at a recent ORCi meeting and we are saddened for Pete, together with
assistance volunteered with others to secure the stadium for Pete and ORCi formulae.
Mr Gould has been offered support from the ORCi where it can to find ways for him to move forward
however, given the circumstances as part of that support the ORCi advises that:
Any driver racing in any formula at Swaffham will receive a 12 month ORCi ban which will be reset
every time that driver races there
If there are any further developments, then the ORCi will issue further guidance.


[17/12/19] Racecievers

Applies to:

Hot Fords
Open Rods
1300 Stockcars

Many of you will have read on the internet in the last month or so about the introduction of RaceRecievers, we brought these in for Junior Rods during 2019 but the ORCi want them on all formulas for 2020.

In all formulas drivers must have a RACEceiver device fitted, The RACEceiver device for Drivers is being mandated at ORCi tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionising the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track and to ensure the correct driver is excluded should a black flag be needed.
The suggested Raceceiver is the RACEceiver Fusion+ available at many outlets on the internet, they are not supplied with earphones, so you will need to supply a set of in-ear earphones with a 3.5mm plug.

You will be told at the drivers briefing which channel will be used.


That information will be written into the 2020 Rules for each formula [currently in the process of being done], it is a requirement that ALL drivers have them, the Raceway will have a few to hire [you MUST have your own earphones, you will need to reserve a Raceciever in advance], please look them up on the internet where there are deals to be had - "RACEceiver Fusion+" is what you need to look for.










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