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Points and Grades

Updated at the usual time that gradings are sent out by email.

Click on the formula to display, files are in PDF Format

We keep the results on the old forum which is now just used a repository for driver bookings and results, and results have been stored there for a number of years now making a very good archive, Results

We email the grades out to drivers, if you are not receiving the email please contact us us right away with your current email address so that you are kept up to date EMAIL US . ALSO please check that our email to you isnt going into your Junk folder on your email app.

Formula Notes
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1600 Open Rods Extra Charts: Whites & Yellows

1300 Stockcars

Extra Charts: Track Champs | Whites & Yellows
Bangers This chart covers ALL Bangers during 2020
Junior Micra Rods
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Grading List
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